Business Transformation the easy way

Watching the Murdoch Empire unravel this last week brings to mind the crucial role of leadership in successful business transformation.

Surely, the first challenge of “Transformational Leadership” is to win the energy and commitment of people at all levels towards the aims of the transformation.  Essentially, people give their energy and commitment when they are treated individually and collectively as highly valuable, thoroughly intelligent and able to think effectively and well about where we are going and capable of working together to achieve the transformation – basically when they are treated as bright, adults.

Isn’t it amazing, however, how often leaders forget these basic principles and lose their people on the way.  We like to propose that the successful transformational leader spends their time working to understand the whole situation and then deciding to see to it that absolute everything goes well.  Another way of saying the same thing, is that they commit to having a high personal impact and have the self-confidence to express what they really believe about the future of the business and the drive to take everybody in that direction.

Let’s be honest, though, none of that is easy and having a personal, transformation coach – someone who has done it before and knows the all of difficulties that will have to be overcome – can make all of the difference.  In Four Pillars we have that expertise so why not set up an initial discussion just to check us out.  It could be the best decision you made all day!!

By Michael Simmons


About Michael Simmons

Michael has been a Strategic Change Management and Business Performance Improvement consultant for more than thirty years. He has worked extensively with chief executives, senior and middle managers, supervisors, trades union leaders and people at all levels of the enterprise. He has worked all over the United Kingdom, in the USA and Canada, Northern Ireland and Ireland, in Norway, Southern Africa, Germany, the Netherlands and in Belgium. During the last twenty years he has been the strategic consultant to a number of major change and transformation programmes in the private and public sector. These have been aimed at building high performance organisations that are able to respond effectively to the turbulence of a competitive global economy, make continual improvements in quality and productivity and build an “inclusive organisation”. Over the last five years he has pioneered the application of Strategy Mapping to support effective Business Plan Deployment in the UK, Europe and North America. This has enabled senior management teams to define their business positioning and objectives and programme manage their improvement efforts whilst involving and aligning key personnel in the creation and implementation of the strategy. All of his work is built around the belief that, if people are focused, fully involved and treated positively, they will contribute their energy and commitment towards the goals of the organisation. With thoughtful and determined leadership, people can learn how to innovate and continually improve the processes in which they work to produce a decisive improvement in their performance.
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