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Developing your Transformation Strategy

With a dynamic business transformation strategy you can focus your whole organisation on the things that matter and create a new sense of excitement and motivation across the whole enterprise

Using our understanding of systems and the key components of successful transformation, the Four Pillars team will help you develop and implement a comprehensive and robust business transformation strategy.

Using a mixture of specially designed workshops for senior managers and cross-organisational large group events, we will bring your people face to face with their biggest challenges, create vision and purpose, and build commitment and expertise at every level.

We will work in partnership with you to help you develop:

  • An in-depth understanding of the environment in which you are operating through the ‘voice of the customer’ and performance review
  • A thorough understanding of the opportunities this offers to your organisation for decisive improvement
  • A robust and practical Strategy Map that defines your vision and purpose, financial goals and market priorities, your process improvement requirements and your organisation development plan for people, leaders, culture and technology all aimed at a decisive improvement in performance

As you cascade the strategy down through the organisation, we can help people at all levels to contribute their experience and thinking, engendering a new sense of excitement and motivation.

By bringing together your knowledge of your business and our expertise in business transformation, we will ensure that you achieve your business objectives and turn change into improvement

For more information on how Four Pillars can help you build a coherent, high-impact strategy that you and your team can believe in, contact David Atkinson at Four Pillars.

To help visitors understand the strategy development process more clearly we have some videos for you to view: the first an overview of strategy mapping, and the second explaining how it works in practice when working with leaders and their teams.



Additional resources:

What follows are other videos we like, involving speakers who have shared some of the principles that underpin our work.