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Four Pillars Customer Management is aimed at sales and key account management personnel who want to boost their success with the people they are selling to.

It is led by Four Pillars consultants who have occupied senior roles in a range of highly successful organisations and use this experience to help sales people.

Four Pillars works with you to improve your relationships with your customers and increase your sales success. This enables you to:

  • Assess the health and robustness of your account management programme
  • Gain insight into your key customer relationships to ensure they are working effectively for both sides
  • Achieve improved sales performance, revenue and profit success with key accounts
  • Work effectively with procurement professionals to produce mutual benefits

Four Pillars Customer Management develops your account team’s capabilities through simulation-based business training, reflecting industry-standard practice and delivering value for your key customers.

Click on KAM Healthcheck if you need to find out how effectively your KAM programme is set up for success. Click Selling to Procurement to learn more about dealing with professional buyers or ‘Voice of the Customer’ for forensic insight into specific key relationships. Our Negotiation Skills for Sellers focuses on providing support to your negotiating team throughout the sales cycle. Click on The Key Account Game to find out how our fun sales game can transform the performance of your key account managers!

Talk to us at Four Pillars to find out how you can make your sales and account management programmes more effective