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Is your Strategic Account Management fit enough to meet the demands of today’s customers?

The Four Pillars SAM Healthcheck will help you diagnose your Strategic Account Management performance against world-class standards.

We use the Four Pillars team’s wide experience and understanding of account management and sales excellence to deliver a rigorous assessment of the gaps and key challenges that you need to focus on to ensure your programme’s success.

Typically the evidence-based SAM Healthcheck is deployed with your sales leadership team, where no fewer than 130 factors are assessed and rated against the highest standards of account management excellence.

The SAM Healthcheck provides a challenging checklist of activities upon which you can build your SAM strategy, setting the priorities which will help you kick start your programme to reach the next level.

Recently, our client, Compass Group PLC has won the Strategic Account Management Association (SAMA) ‘Program of the Year’ award for its work in growing its international clients business. More details here.

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