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Improve your sales the fun way!

Developing the skills and practices of strategic account managers is crucial to the success of most businesses.  Are they competent at building strong relationships with the client; are they masters at negotiation and the behavioural aspects required to ensure they display competence and professionalism to the client at all times; and are they skilled at strategy and sales opportunity management?

Four Pillars will help you identify the priority areas of development and will construct a blended training solution for you that can include workshops, coaching and even ‘gaming’.

What’s unique about Four Pillars’ approach to blended training is that we have developed a business simulation learning module as part of our programme. The Strategic Account Game is a competitive business simulation played live online or in a team sales training environment. It simulates a complex strategic account with multiple decision makers and you, along with other competing suppliers, play to secure its business.

Participants steer their supplying company to success by winning the largest profitable share of the account’s potential business.

To win, you must have the best customer insight, develop the best relationship strategy and respond best to your competitors’ moves.

You can use one of our scenarios or import your own live customer data to make the game even more realistic.

This business simulation is challenging and will truly stretch your account managers to the limit; but it’s also a lot of fun, it’s memorable and a great way to learn.

Contact Four Pillars to find out how you and your team can develop your sales and account management skills using our blended learning solutions.