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Channelling people’s energy and commitment into becoming a high performance team requires leaders with great insight and skills. In Four Pillars, we place the development of a new leadership initiative at the heart of our work to assist our clients in their work to transform their organisations.

The success of any transformation effort is dependent on winning the hearts and minds of your people. It requires leaders who understand what it takes to make the difference and who have decided to see to it that absolutely everything goes well.

Such leaders know themselves and are committed to their own development. They see “the big picture” and understand systems in a wider sense. They know how to develop a strategy to bring about a permanent improvement in performance rather than a “quick-fix”. They understand the importance of teamwork and accountability.

Using specially designed workshops, ongoing performance management and coaching, we can help you turn your managers into transformational leaders with the insight, knowledge and skills to deliver your vision and strategy.

Our systematic approach will develop leaders who:

  • Can provide passionate and inspiring leadership that will ensure a decisive improvement in the performance of their organisation
  • Understand their organisation as a system and are honest about its performance and challenges
  • Can increase readiness to change and lead dynamic transformation across the business as a whole
  • Can unlock the hearts and minds of their people and build high performance teams, enabling them to contribute fully to the transformation
  • Can use a range of personal skills for leading and working with people at all levels
  • Have the self-awareness and constancy of purpose, through personal mastery, that will be needed to sustain the change

Four Pillars can help you to develop transformational leaders just like these at all levels of your organisation – passionate about the future and inspiring to the people they lead.

Call us at Four Pillars to discuss how we can help you to design and lead a new leadership initiative in your organisation.

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