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How effective is your Supplier Management?

Successful organisations realise that the way they deal with their suppliers increasingly makes a critical difference to their business.

With up to 90% of an organisation’s revenues being spent in the supply chain, systematically managing the value secured from the suppliers has become a major priority. From pre-contract strategic sourcing and category management to post-contract SRM, effective supplier management can make the difference between being seen by your suppliers as a nuisance customer or as a high priority partner. Either way, it’s going to affect the value your organisation can secure, and your competitive advantage.

Four Pillars consultants have operated in this field for up to 30 years and have dedicated themselves to bringing that experience and their deep expertise to clients aiming to maximise the value they secure from the supply chain, and to optimise working practices in their engagement with key suppliers.

Our support includes:

    • Diagnosing the current level of Category Management and SRM practice against the very best practice standards
    • Category Management training and coaching
    • Process development for both category management and SRM
    • Supplier Performance Management to secure contracted value and risk reduction
    • Skills development for procurement and non-procurement staff who deal with suppliers
    • Assistance in developing the most effective strategies for key relationships
    • Value opportunity identification and priority planning
    • Strategy implementation support to ensure value improvement opportunities are realized
    • Critical negotiation mentoring

We are committed to maintaining our position amongst the most respected advisors and commentators in supplier management and our methods, tools and training are based on both up-to-date research and pragmatism borne of our experience as senior procurement leaders and practitioners in this fascinating and increasingly important area of business practice.

Click on SRM Healthcheck to find out how your relationship management programme is performing, SRM Skills Training if you want to develop your team’s skills in relationship management or, if you would value support during a major negotiation, click on Negotiation Skills for Buyers. If your procurement requirements are broader still, then click on Category Management.

Here is David Atkinson’s presentation at the eWorld Forum in London this autumn, posing the question “SRM: Are your post-contract value aspirations high enough?

Take a look at this clip of David Atkinson and Ed Bradford discussing the definition of Supplier Relationship Management and what companies should be thinking about what the practice should mean for them. Just a taste of the range of insights we bring to our clients.

Contact Four Pillars for expert help in developing your supplier relationship management and becoming your supplier’s number one respected customer.