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Is your Supplier Relationship Management practice in rude health?

Are you and your business stakeholders clear about SRM and what is required to create and implement a successful programme?

Is your business experiencing poor supplier performance and is uncertain how to rectify that….for good?

Are you confident that you have the right level of skill and experience on the interface with suppliers, and are they following a strategy and engagement process that you know works?

In this clip, David Atkinson identifies five reasons why SRM programmes repeatedly fail to deliver on expectations. Four Pillars can help you overcome these and the many additional challenges your programme faces.

Managing your suppliers properly is good business and The Four Pillars Supplier Relationship Healthcheck will help you diagnose the performance of your SRM programme against known world-class standards.

We use a highly-structured method to evaluate your SRM capability from every angle. Our extensive experience will deliver a rigorous assessment of the strengths within your current practice and the gaps and key challenges you need to focus on if your organisation aspires to establish the best reputation for SRM in your sector. 130 criteria are rigorously assessed and you can be confident that your programme will be addressing the right priorities to ensure the success your business demands.

By taking part in our SRM Healthcheck workshop, this exercise can be completed quickly and effectively and will produce powerful insights. The results are invaluable in making sure you focus wisely in the right areas, at the right time and for the best return on investment.

Contact Four Pillars to find out to what extent your organisation is currently excelling in SRM and, more importantly, where the gaps to outstanding performance are, and which of those areas you need to pay attention to in your quest to become the best in your industry.

Managing the performance and value the organisation receives from its key suppliers is, in the age of outsourcing and strategic alliances, becoming a core business strength. Make sure your organisation is more than good enough to compete with the best. Your business success might just depend on it.